What is a “mill?”

A mill is one-tenth of one cent. The number of mills an agency charges for taxes is multiplied times the assessed value of the property; the result is the tax amount due. For example: One hundred thousand dollars (appraised value) X (residential rate: 10 percent) = $10,000 (assessed value) X .037 (county millage rate) = $370 (tax amount). City millage rate is .044 and not owner-occupied rate is 20 percent.

Millage rates for Henry County are as follows:

Mill Tax Description Mills
State of Alabama 6.5
Henry County - General 7.0
Henry County - Road & Bridge 4.0
Hospital 5.5
Fire 2.0
Henry County - County-wide Schools 9.0
Henry County - District Schools 3.0
City of Headland 7.0

(Millage information courtesy of the Henry County Revenue Commissioner's Office)